Why Criminal and Murder Investigations Demand a Quality Private Investigator like M & M Investigators

A defendant may appear to be heading toward conviction when facing a murder investigation or other criminal charges based on evidence uncovered by the police. In many cases, it may seem there is little defense other than an attempt to negotiate the best plea bargain possible for the accused. Experienced attorneys have learned that a private investigator company like M & M Investigations is often the missing piece getting to the truth in a complicated criminal case.

As skilled PI's, we can level the playing field and uncover key evidence for the defense. Even the most experienced and successful attorneys find it difficult to dedicate the necessary resources to uncovering key evidence and building a strong case when handling a heavy caseload.

Here are a few reasons it's wise to hire a private investigator to aid you in criminal or murder investigation.

Police Have Professional Investigators

A professional investigator is assigned to work every criminal case, and their goal is to secure a conviction. Police detectives often have heavy workloads, and they are pressured to move from one case to another as quickly as possible. When a possible suspect emerges, the momentum of an investigation can carry these investigators to simply wrap up a case and quickly move on.

Hiring a private investigator puts another professional on the case who can hunt down facts and uncover evidence that the prosecution's investigators overlooked. There are investigators working diligently to prove a client's guilt. Likewise, there should be an investigator working just as hard to uncover the evidence that may establish a defendant’s innocence. An experienced private investigator is a necessary element of a good criminal defense team.

The Truth Is in the Details

In many cases there is a piece of evidence undiscovered at the scene, or the police are unable to locate a witness to the incident. The private investigator pours over police reports, crime scene photos, witness statements, and other evidence looking for what the police might have missed during their investigation. Approaching a case with a fresh set of eyes and a different perspective is often valuable in two significant ways:

  1. It helps to uncover overlooked evidence
  2. It establishes that the prosecution’s narrative is not the only one that addresses all of the facts

The right private investigator is trained and experienced in spotting the little (and often overlooked) details. Using expert testimony makes sense in most cases, and the private investigator’s expertise is based in finding the facts. Uncovering new evidence and witness testimony is a private investigator's job, and a high-quality investigator will deliver overlooked evidence and other case factors in many scenarios.

Improve Your Rate of Success

A defense attorney will often go over the evidence provided by the prosecution to try to find the facts and testimony most inconsistent with their client’s guilt. Unfortunately, the prosecution’s investigators often latch onto a single suspect and, unconsciously in many cases, only follow up leads that point to that suspect. This means the evidence at hand is likely damaging to the accused.

Attempting to go to trial or negotiate a plea bargain with nothing more than the evidence uncovered by the police is like trying to fight the case with one arm tied behind your back. A private investigator can uncover new evidence and witness testimony that challenges the narrative the police and prosecution are crafting. You can build a stronger case with the help of a private investigator. When negotiating a plea bargain with all the evidence available, you can cast more doubt on the prosecution’s narrative. If you cannot get the charges dismissed, you can make plea bargaining much more successful. If you take a case to trial, having more evidence at your disposal usually yields improved results for the accused.

An experienced private investigator is an asset to a skilled attorney. It can add to your success rate and bring fresh insight and perspective to a case. Private investigators are often built into the defense teams of many firms, or they can be contracted on a case-by-case basis. If your goal is to deliver better results for your client while making trials and plea bargaining easier, a private investigator can be the secret weapon that helps you gain an advantage in many situations.