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Child Custody
Our child custody investigations are usually conducted
as part of a divorce, separation, or custody case.
We investigate child custody cases very carefully
Do you suspect your
spouse or partner
of cheating?
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Divorce and Child Custody

Automobile Insurance Investigator

Workers Compensation Fraud Investigator

Technology Based Surveillance Equipment and Techniques by M&M Investigators

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We use the latest in technology based surveillance equipment and techniques. These include but are NOT limited to night vision cameras, digital static surveillance recorders, covert cameras and G.P.S. tracking devices. M & M P.I., Inc. reserves the final decision on the use of G.P.S. tracking devices based on the ethics and legality of each case.

M & M PI has assisted numerous attorneys in South Carolina with civil and criminal cases, some of these cases include; murder, criminal sexual conduct, assault, divorce, DUI, Felony DUI, reckless homicide, excessive force, wrongful death, traffic collision related fatalities and post conviction relief.

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Depending on your situation, we can assess your case and determine the investigative services we can provide to help you discover the truth.



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