Do you suspect your spouse or partner of cheating?

We understand that marriages and relationships don't always work out. However, if you suspect your partner is having an affair while still married or living with you, you may want to confirm your suspicions by hiring M & M Private Investigators.

We have the experience and tools to catch a cheater. We use the latest surveillance equipment and techniques to determine if your spouse or partner is having an affair. If you hire us, we provide detailed documentation about who your partner is spending time with and provide evidence if it is a sexual relationship.

At M & M Private Investigators, we use one or more of the following methods to detect and document a cheating spouse/partner: night vision cameras, digital static surveillance recorders, covert cameras, G.P.S. tracking devices, and detailed written reports.

As professional PI's we provide the utmost discretion and confidentiality to our clients. If necessary, you will be able to use our findings to help you in your Divorce or Child Custody case.